This is my very first message on edk2, regarding UEFI software developpement.
Please, feel free to transfer my message to any other location if needed 😊

I’m currently working on a BIOS setup menu to integrate in the boot flow of my HW platform. I’m working on a reference design of ARM, was able to compile and execute edk2 UEFI boot.

Could someone answer to the following questions :

1/UiApp is started during the BDS phase.
Because it has been configured so in the EFI variable EfiGlobalVariable:Boot0000
Am I correct ?

2/Let us assume that there are Boot0000 to Boot0006 options on my platform.
How EDK2 fill the Boot#### options ? Is it pre-written in NVRAM, or is filled by EDK2 ?
If filled vy EDK2, could you please point me where it is done in source code

3/Is there a way to change this value parameter outside EDK2 and outside OS ?

4/Is there a way to add a boot option (BootNext) outside EDK2 (saying outise Bott Manager Menu), outside UEFI shell, and outside OS ?

Thanks in advance for your help,

SiPearl - Ingénieur BIOS/UEFI
Mobile: +33 6 44 12 09 85

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