Re: [edk2-devel] EDK2 doxygen documentation - adding docs for stable tags?

Rebecca Cran

How easy it is to push changes to ? I had thought that given how infrequently it's updated it's rather difficult, but I agree that's the ideal location for the Doxygen pages. If it's easier than I think, I have other changes I'd like to make such as updating which hasn't been changed since 2018.

I agree it would be great if it could be a CI job somewhere: do we have any existing scheduled jobs in EDK2 already, or is it something that would need to be added?

Given that it was Stephano who originally said years ago that Doxygen generation should be in the cloud, and how nothing has changed since I'm skeptical about it, so for now I'll plan on setting up a scheduled job on my Gitlab instance ( instead and continue publishing the pages on my site. But I'd be happy to help work towards putting it on as long as we don't lose any functionality in the process.

Rebecca Cran

On 11/9/21 7:27 PM, Michael D Kinney wrote:
Hi Rebecca,

Yes. They are useful. I would be better if it could be a CI job on either Azure pipelines
or GitHub Actions could run the tool and publish the documents in TianoCore. Perhaps an on
demand job against a specific tag.


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I've been hosting the Doxygen documentation for EDK2 at for a few years now. I previously had
versions for master, UDK2015, UDK2017, UDK2018 etc. but since migrating
my web server dropped everything except master.

I was wondering if people are finding it useful, and if so whether
they'd like me to generate documentation for each stable tag too?

Personally, _I_ find the web-based version (as opposed to a
locally-generated version) useful for the search feature -- being able
to quickly find the documentation for a certain function.


Rebecca Cran

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