Re: coreboot with uefi loader - boot failed

Dong, Guo <guo.dong@...>

Hi Sukumar,

By default UEFI build with SBL for non-universal payload.
Please have a try with below build command:

$ build -p UefiPayloadPkg/UefiPayloadPkg.dsc -a IA32 -a X64 -t GCC5 -D BOOTLOADER= COREBOOT


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Subject: coreboot with uefi loader - boot failed

I am trying to use UEFIPayload with Coreboot to boot Linux in Chrome platform.

a) $ build -p UefiPayloadPkg/UefiPayloadPkg.dsc -a IA32 -a X64 -t GCC5
b) build coreboot using above UEFIPayload
c) boot failed with new Uefipaylod (log attached with).

Pls update if any patch missing in mainline that UEFI payload to work with coreboot when building from Linux?
Loading segment from ROM address 0xffa98448
Entry Point 0x00802ebe
Loaded segments
BS: BS_PAYLOAD_LOAD run times (exec / console): 5868 / 55 ms Finalizing chipset.
apm_control: Finalizing SMM.
APMC done.
BS: BS_PAYLOAD_LOAD exit times (exec / console): 145 / 6 ms mp_park_aps done after 0 msecs.
Jumping to boot code at 0x00802ebe(0x76876000)
CPU0: stack: 0x76a9d000 - 0x76a9e000, lowest used address 0x76a9da68, stack used: 1432 bytes

Thx & rgds,

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