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Damien Lagneux

Hi guys,

Thanks for letting me know.

I'm planning to go to the OCP summit. Hope to see you there.


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Hi Damien,

For Ice Lake specifically, there are MinPlatform 2 board ports that have
been discussed publicly. The first one is for Junction City, which is a OCP
platform jointly developed by Intel and Wiwynn.

The second is Super Micro plans to demonstrate MinPlatform running on one
of their Ice Lake boards at the OCP summit in November.

I am not aware of any porting work happening for Coyote Pass specifically.

Hope that helps,

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I am not aware of any plans to provide open ports of the Intel board or
system products, which would include Coyote Pass.

I believe that there is production board porting activity in the Open
Compute Project (OCP) Open System Firmware (OSF) context. if you are
interested. I believe some open system firmware solutions to be discussed
and demonstrated at the OCP Global Summit later this year.


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Hi everyone,

I saw that you are already supporting the Wilson City platform for the
Whitley generation.

I would like to know if the support for the Coyote Pass platform is also
planned to be released?


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