Guid.xref file

Konstantin Aladyshev


Sometimes it's useful to transform GUID values to their names from the
codebase. For example when you investigate the boot log.
Usually I just use key/value pairs from the generated build file
`Build/OvmfX64/DEBUG_GCC5/FV/Guid.xref, and perform necessary
substitutions in the log file through the simple custom python script.
This Guid.xref file has associations like this:
6302D008-7F9B-4F30-87AC-60C9FEF5DA4E gEfiShellProtocolGuid
So it is easy to construct a dictionary with GUID/Name pairs with it.
But the problem is that this file doesn't contain all the GUID/Name pairs.
For example gShellNetwork1HiiGuid/gShellLevel2HiiGuid/gEfiComponentNameProtocolGuid
are not present in this file.
Which GUIDs go to the `Build/OvmfX64/RELEASE_GCC5/FV/Guid.xref` file
and which don't?

Best regards,
Konstantin Aladyshev

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