Re: UefiPayloadPkg: assert error in PeiPcdLib

King Sumo

On Fri, Aug 20, 2021 at 04:52 PM, Andrew Fish wrote:

If you move gEfiMdePkgTokenSpaceGuid.PcdPciExpressBaseAddress back to being a
compile time constant (location in the DSC file matters) that might get you
past your ASSERT as a work around?
Yes, it works. Moved from PcdsDynamicDefault to PcdsFixedAtBuild and added hardcoded values.
I think Ray Ni <> must be contacted to provide a fix...
The build is done using:
build -a IA32 -a X64 -p UefiPayloadPkg/UefiPayloadPkg.dsc -b DEBUG -t GCC5 -D BOOTLOADER=COREBOOT
(IA32 is also required for coreboot)

Perhaps the issue is related to the IA32 target? Calling PcdSet64S() is allowed?
if (GuidHob != NULL) {
Status = PcdSet64S (PcdPciExpressBaseAddress, AcpiBoardInfo->PcieBaseAddress);
Status = PcdSet64S (PcdPciExpressBaseSize, AcpiBoardInfo->PcieBaseSize);


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