UefiPayloadPkg: assert error in PeiPcdLib

King Sumo


Using coreboot 4.14 + UefiPayloadPkg the following error is shown:

ASSERT_EFI_ERROR (Status = Not Found)
ASSERT [PeiCore]
/work/edk2/edk2-orig/MdePkg/Library/PeiPcdLib/PeiPcdLib.c(43): !EFI_ERROR

By doing a git bisect I found the following commit (doing a git revert
fixes the issue):
3900a63e3a UefiPayloadPkg/Pci: Use the PCIE Base Addr stored in
AcpiBoardInfo HOB

Basically this change gets the PCIe base address from the AcpiBoardInfo HOB.
I'm not sure if this AcpiBoardInfo HOB is really available for coreboot,
but the crash looks funny. It probably occurs while
setting PcdPciExpressBaseAddress or PcdPciExpressBaseSize (not sure, more
debug needed) but they are both defined...

Anyone run into the same problem?


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