Re: failure in building unit test locally


In the workspace/build folder there should be some logs .
Can you look at those and/or send the CI Log?


On 7/20/2021 2:08 AM, wenyi,xie via wrote:
Hello, everyone
I want to build unit test locally, my environment is win10, python 3.9.6, VS2019.
I excute the command according to steps in the ReadMe.
1. stuart_setup -c ./.pytool/ TOOL_CHAIN_TAG=VS2019
2. stuart_update -c ./.pytool/ TOOL_CHAIN_TAG=VS2019
3. stuart_ci_build -c ./.pytool/ TOOL_CHAIN_TAG=VS2019 -t NOOPT -p MdePkg
In step 3, the log is just stopped at "Running Build NOOPT", how do I know the cause of the build failure ?
WARNING - Using Pip Tools based BaseTools
SECTION - Loading Plugins
SECTION - Start Invocable Tool
SECTION - Getting Environment
SECTION - Loading plugins
SECTION - Building MdePkg Package
PROGRESS - --Running MdePkg: Host Unit Test Compiler Plugin NOOPT --
WARNING - Allowing Override for key TARGET_ARCH
PROGRESS - Start time: 2021-07-20 16:55:27.953832
PROGRESS - Setting up the Environment
PROGRESS - Running Pre Build
PROGRESS - Running Build NOOPT

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