Re: Pull request process for the edk2 repo

Satoshi Tanda

Hi Laszlo,

Thank you for letting me know the process. That is very helpful. I
_believe_ I have sent the patch to the list (CC: you) and subscribed to the
list as well. Let me know if it does not seem to be the case. I notice I
have not received the confirmation of subscription or my email yet so
something might not be quite right :-)


On Sun, May 23, 2021 at 4:38 AM Laszlo Ersek <> wrote:

Hello Satoshi-san,

On 05/21/21 23:30, Satoshi Tanda wrote:
Is there any documents and instructions I can follow to create a PR for
the edk2 repo by myself? I filed an issue to the edk2 repo, and I doubt it
will be fixed by anyone very soon. Since the fix seems trivial, I could
submit a PR if that works.

Here is the ticket.

How I can learn edk2’s PR process, or can anyone suggest what I could do
to make it resolved?

Thanks for opening the ticket. I've added a comment to it, moved its
status to CONFIRMED, and (with your retroactive permission :)) assigned
the ticket to you.

For the time being, the edk2 project on uses pull
requests for two purposes:

- All contributors can open pull requests for setting off CI builds on
their topic branches.

- Edk2 maintainers can open pull requests and set the "push" label on
them. When CI completes on such a PR, the mergify bot proceeds to merge
the branch.

Edk2 maintainers open such pull requests for patches / patch series that
have been reviewed on the list. For the time being, patch review occurs
exclusively on the list. All patches should be sent to
<> with git-send-email. Please subscribe at
<> before posting.

Please see the development process article here:

An informal (non-normative) article with some additional details is here:'s-unkempt-git-guide-for-edk2-contributors-and-maintainers


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