UEFI Redfish support

Mahantesh Salimath


I'm new to the group, I'm a system software engineer working for a corporation in USA.
I'm not sure where to post my queries, hence posting it here.

I have recently started working on adding Redfish support to our systems.
More specifically, I'm working on adding Events service feature:

Clients can connect to Redfish service (Redfish Webserver) and subscribe to events
so that they receive a notification when a subscribed event occurs.
I'm wondering if system events such as: system reboot,
system booted successfully, error during bootup etc.,
can also be supported via this service ?

As per the Redfish specification, events such as: a cable is plugged or
a button pushed on the Host are supported via the Events service, so I think
the system events can also notified.

Now, for the system events to be notified, UEFI Redfish Client (on Host) must notify the Redfish service about these events.
I'm searching for this module in UEFI Redfish Client which is responsible for propagating such events to Redfish Service.

Any help in this regard is greatly appreciated.
Please feel free to correct any misconceptions.



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