Having problems when trying to instrument all code of a specific UEFI driver (including the library code)


Hello everyone,

I hope this is the right place to ask this, I haven't been able to find answers online or in the edk2 wiki.

I'm trying to apply sanitizers to system management mode (SMM) drivers (VariableSmm.efi, for instance) in edk2, but I'm running into the problem that at the moment I am unable to instrument the library code that later gets linked with (the library code referenced in the .inf file). At the moment, when instrumenting a driver, for example VariableSmm.inf, I'm providing compilation flags via the [BuildOptions] section and then append the flags to the *_*_*_CC_FLAGS variable. This allows me to instrument the source files present under the [Sources] section. However, the library code under the [LibraryClasses] section that later gets linked to create the eventual .efi file is not instrumented, as it is already compiled separately before.

So the problem I have is that for certain UEFI drivers I want to instrument the library code, but for others not. So to clarify, for UEFI driver A, I want the library code compiled with "-fsanitize=memory", while for other UEFI drivers, I want to use the default compiled library code. I haven't found a clean way to do this in the building process. Is there anyone who has tips regarding this problem? I hope the problem is clear, if not, please indicate so.

Kind regards,

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