Re: Google Summer of Code 2021 interested student

Nate DeSimone

Hi Ayush,

Great to hear you are making progress on your application. Yeah getting OVMF running is mostly straightforward, the thing I usually forget is to pass the -debugcon parameter to Qemu in order to capture the debug messages. Happy to hear you are learning something new, in my opinion learning new things is the most important outcome of GSoC. I'd even rate it as slightly more important than the actual code produced by GSoC... though don't get me wrong the code is also important and helpful 😊.


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Hi Nate,
I am working on my GSoC proposal(I am running out of time). I am also learning to debug OVMF image running on QEMU using gdb. Since the target is set to debug by default in Conf/target.txt I guess I don't need to change anything. I am referring to the OVMF documentation. Beyond BIOS is an amazing book thanks for the awesome recommendation. I will be using it to get my concepts clear. I guess in the process of learning to debug the images I will learn a lot.


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