Re: Google Summer of Code 2021 interested student

Nate DeSimone

Hi Ayush,

I suspect the comment about Arch Linux was more to the effect that no one in the TianoCore project has really been using Arch and as you noticed getting the needed dependencies installed is somewhat painful. If you would like to use Arch we are all absolutely fine with it, but just keep in mind that you are straying from the most commonly travelled path and you might run into issues that the rest of us do not.


´╗┐On 3/23/21, 12:04 AM, " on behalf of Ayush Dwivedi" < on behalf of> wrote:

I have one more question. Actually I am using Arch Linux 64 bit so finding dependencies took some time and in the documentation it says "Arch Linux is not officially supported or tested by the edk2 project at this time". Is it going to be a problem because of that?

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