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Nate DeSimone

Hi Ayush,

Great to hear you got it working! So, the next logical step would be to use a SF-600 ( to program that image you just compiled on to an Intel Tiger Lake RVP (Reference and Validation Platform) and try booting it. Unfortunately, very few Tiger Lake reference boards are in existence and they are very expensive, so we won't be able to go that far.

To address this situation, we have been adding support for other x86 boards that are easy to find and buy as we come across good ones. For example, we have support for the Up Xtreme board ( in WhiskeyLakeOpenBoardPkg. There is a new version of that board coming out soon called the Up Xtreme i11 ( that upgrades from Whiskey Lake to Tiger Lake. The problem is the starting price for that board is $400 USD. Add in the $285 for the DediProg and I don't think it would be reasonable to expect a student to spend that much money on hardware for a GSoC project. That is the nice thing about the Qemu OpenBoard project is since it is all emulation there is no expensive and special hardware needed.

So, what to do next? First of all, I recommend that you work on your GSoC application(s) of course ☺. I also recommend building OVMF, since that works in the Qemu emulator you can actually run the image you compile, read the debug messages as the firmware is booting and start to get a feel for how the boot process works. You mentioned that you were interested in learning more about how UEFI is different from BIOS. For a very detailed answer to that question, I recommend that you read "Beyond BIOS". Beyond BIOS also does a really good job of describing the boot process and the driver model and gives a good baseline knowledge for how UEFI firmware works. Hope that helps!


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Thank you Nate.
I installed edkrepo using the instructions you gave. I ran edkrepo clone min Intel-MinPlatform and it setup my workspace. Since I had already setup the EDK2 build environment and installed the dependencies(such as gcc-5) I jumped to Board Builds section and finally used python -p TigerlakeURvp. I chose the intel board TigerlakeURvp which was given in the list of MinPlatform supported boards. When the build was completed it yielded TIGERLAKEURVP.fd in the Build directory. I have attached one screenshot as well. What should I do next?

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