Google Summer of Code 2021 interested student

Ayush Dwivedi <21cencturyayush@...>

Hello everyone,
My name is Ayush Dwivedi. I am currently studying Computer Science and
Engineering and am in my 3rd year of B.Tech program. I am interested in
operating systems, firmwares and game programming. I have written some
personal projects in C and C++ programming languages and have experimented
with x86_64 assembly. Recently I have been using QEMU with the OVMF UEFI
firmware which I had built from source using edk2. I have tried to write my
own EFI applications(it was an attempt to understand how UEFI differs from
BIOS). I wish to be a part of the TianoCore community and want to
contribute. I would like to know what skills and knowledge is needed for
the task "MinPlatform Qemu Support". It is explained that we are needed to
port MinPlatform to QEMU so as of now I have started looking into the
OvmfPkg(since it already runs on QEMU) and Platform/Intel/MinPlatformPkg
but the source tree for edk2 and edk2-platform is huge so I am confused on
how and where I should start. I am looking forward to guidance from the

Thank you for your precious time.

Ayush Dwivedi

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