Re: Google Summer of Code Interested Student

Laszlo Ersek

On 03/17/21 00:25, Desimone, Nathaniel L wrote:

The UEFI spec doesn't read on this at all, even though it describes
VT100 and VT100+ as separate modes... it doesn't say how they differ.
I agree with you that it seems reasonable for VT100 to keep character
output to strict ASCII only... that way the "+" in VT100+ actually
means something. I've updated the wiki accordingly.

I'd advocate for the default to be switched to VT_UTF8. I really
don't think you will run into many terminal emulators that don't
implement UTF-8 anymore, XTerm included. Those who want pure ASCII
output can switch to VT100.
Hmmm, OK. As long as I can permanently switch my domains, one by one, to
VT100, I guess I'll be fine.


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