Re: Potentially missing CloseProtocol() call

Michael Brown

On 08/02/2021 14:22, Laszlo Ersek wrote:
gBS->OpenProtocol() calls that pass the EFI_OPEN_PROTOCOL_GET_PROTOCOL
argument for the "Attributes" parameter *need not* be mirrored with
gBS->CloseProtocol() calls.
Please refer to the UEFI spec on the OpenProtocol() boot service,
[...] The caller is also not required to close the protocol
interface with EFI_BOOT_SERVICES.CloseProtocol().
So you *can* call CloseProtocol(), but you don't have to.
This reminds me of a very longstanding question I've had around OpenProtocol(): is there any defined way for something that is an ordinary consumer (rather than a driver or child controller) to obtain a long-lived pointer to a protocol interface?

For example: ShellPkg/Library/UefiShellDebug1CommandsLib/Edit/MainTextEditor.c seems to open EFI_SIMPLE_TEXT_INPUT_EX_PROTOCOL using just HandleProtocol() and then continues to use the pointer for the lifetime of the application. But, as far as I can tell, there's nothing that guarantees that this pointer remains valid?


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