Re: Potentially missing CloseProtocol() call

Laszlo Ersek


On 02/06/21 19:56, Satoshi Tanda wrote:
There are a number of places that do not call CloseProtocol() while it
appears to be required, in EDK2. Can someone confirm if (some of) those are
indeed errors, or there are actually cases where skipping CloseProtocol()
after OpenProtocol() is appropriate?

Here are the places I would expect a CloseProtocol() call but apparently
missing it.

- InitializeDebugSupportDriver().

- GetDriverName() / GetDriverImageName()

- *ProtocolDumpInformation(). DevicePathProtocolDumpInformationEx() does
call it. So lack of call seems like an error to me.

- DoDevTreeForHandle()

I am new to UEFI and trying to learn basics like how to use OpenProtocol().
I have not observed or encountered any concrete issue.
gBS->OpenProtocol() calls that pass the EFI_OPEN_PROTOCOL_GET_PROTOCOL
argument for the "Attributes" parameter *need not* be mirrored with
gBS->CloseProtocol() calls.

Please refer to the UEFI spec on the OpenProtocol() boot service,

[...] The caller is also not required to close the protocol
interface with EFI_BOOT_SERVICES.CloseProtocol().

So you *can* call CloseProtocol(), but you don't have to.


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