Re: Bonding support for PXE Boot

Michael Brown

On 06/02/2021 04:36, UdayS via wrote:
How can I support Bonding of ports and use new Virtual interface for PXE Boot in Hot-Standby mode in UEFI.
Is their any limitation on why it is NOT already supported yet.
Not sure if this would work in your boot scenario, but iPXE already allows you to PXE boot from a switch port that requires the use of port bonding via LACP (also known as IEEE 802.3ad or 802.1AX).

Network booting requires only a few seconds of data transfer that can trivially be retried if the link happens to be disrupted. iPXE therefore includes only a very simple LACP responder: any time it receives an LACP packet it will send a reply with some sane default values. For switch ports that have been configured to use port bonding with LACP, this is sufficient to convince the switch that the port is active.

I don't see any reference to port bonding within the EDK2 source code, so it doesn't look as though it's supported yet by standard UEFI PXE boot, sorry.

Hope that helps,


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