Re: UEFI Payload Issue

Ma, Maurice <>

UEFI Payload from EDK2 2017 seems to be pretty old.

Below are some of my recommendations:
- Enable serial debug console in UEFI payload so that you don't depend on USB KB for input. Once you booted to Shell using serial console, further info can be collected to root cause USB issue.
- If you saw the hang at "[Bds]BdsWait(3)..Zzzz...", it could be timer related issue. I saw some instances where the ACPI timer base was reported incorrectly to UEFI payload and ACPI timer base was wrong. That would cause the dead loop in delay function.
- Try out the latest UefiPayload in EDK2 to see if it works for you.


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I have generated a payload from edk2 2017. When i booting with payload i
got struck after the below message. The keyboard is not detecting so i can't
press any key. Mouse got powered up. Even i exchanged the usb ports but
still keyboard not detecting. I am using coreboot and edk2 payload. I am
using Coffeelake processor. If i use the uefi payload binary from Intel.
Everything is working and able to select device in the boot manager and load

LastBlock : 4FFFFF

F2 or Down to enter Boot Manager Menu.
ENTER to boot directly.

[Bds]OsIndication: 0000000000000000
[Bds]=============Begin Load Options Dumping ...=============
SysPrep Options:
Boot Options:
Boot0000: UiApp 0x0109
Boot0001: UEFI SM659GXC CDZ A0519022617060000001 0x0001
Boot0002: UEFI Shell 0x0001
PlatformRecovery Options:
PlatformRecovery0000: Default PlatformRecovery 0x0001
[Bds]=============End Load Options Dumping=============
Adding the UefiPayloadPkg folks to the CC list.


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