Re: Compile EDK2 to set boot order to PXE

Laszlo Ersek

On 02/04/21 13:35, Michael Brown wrote:
On 04/02/2021 08:56, Laszlo Ersek wrote:
I've attempted to wrap my brain around the initial report in this
thread, and honestly I'm lost. My standard answer would be "BDS behavior
is platform policy, so look into whatever PlatformBootManagerLib
instance is used by the RPi firmware" (and I understand that Ard's
response is somehow consistent with this). But honestly I can't figure
out whether the problem is related to the part of the RPi firmware that
runs *before* TianoCore. What exactly is PXE-booted before what else?...
I think we'd need a much more detailed issue report here.
My best guess (based on having tried to do something similar before) is:

- Pi has no local storage.

- Pi uses its builtin network boot (running on the VC4 GPU, not the CPU)
to download bootcode.bin, config.txt, and an appropriate start*.elf via

- The downloaded config.txt includes "armstub=RPI_EFI.fd".  The VC4 GPU
(now executing start*.elf, as far as I am aware) downloads RPI_EFI.fd
and boots the ARM CPU into this.

- At this point, we have the CPU running the RPi UEFI firmware.

There is no non-volatile storage available

Thank you for the explanation. Not that I can help Werner in any way,
but now I understand the issue at least.


and so no way to use EFI
variables to control the boot order.  The boot device will be whatever
is the *compile-time* default for RPI_EFI.fd.

The intention is that the UEFI firmware should then attempt a network
boot.  This could be done in at least three ways:

1. UEFI firmware defaults to attempting a network boot if no SD card is
present.  This would allow the UEFI firmware to load iPXE via TFTP.

2. iPXE as a driver (specifically bin-arm64-efi/rpi.efidrv) is embedded
within the RPI_EFI.fd image, and UEFI firmware defaults to attempting a
network boot if no SD card is present.

3. iPXE as an application (specifically bin-arm64-efi/rpi.efi) is
embedded within the RPI_EFI.fd image, and UEFI firmware somehow defaults
to running this application (e.g. via the PCD file GUID trick suggested
by Ard).

All three of these options would result in the RPi running UEFI iPXE as

Werner: please correct me if I have misunderstood what you are trying to



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