UEFI Payload Issue



I have generated a payload from edk2 2017. When i booting with payload i got struck after the below message. The keyboard is not detecting so i can't press any key. Mouse got powered up. Even i exchanged the usb ports but still keyboard not detecting. I am using coreboot and edk2 payload. I am using Coffeelake processor. If i use the uefi payload binary from Intel. Everything is working and able to select device in the boot manager and load OS.

LastBlock : 4FFFFF

F2 or Down to enter Boot Manager Menu.
ENTER to boot directly.

[Bds]OsIndication: 0000000000000000
[Bds]=============Begin Load Options Dumping ...=============
Driver Options:
SysPrep Options:
Boot Options:
Boot0000: UiApp 0x0109
Boot0001: UEFI SM659GXC CDZ A0519022617060000001 0x0001
Boot0002: UEFI Shell 0x0001
PlatformRecovery Options:
PlatformRecovery0000: Default PlatformRecovery 0x0001
[Bds]=============End Load Options Dumping=============
[Bds]BdsWait ...Zzzzzzzzzzzz...


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