Re: 'PciIO->Map' is returning "EFI_OUT_OF_RESOURCES" on Intel CRB device

Laszlo Ersek

On 01/15/21 06:33, udai16787 via [] wrote:
Hi Laszlo,
Thanks for replying.

(1) For BusMasterRead, you should not use AllocateBuffer. AllocateBuffer
is only needed for CommonBuffer operations.
Right. I have updated it now.

(2) PciIo->Map can run out of resources dependent on the IOMMU I guess,
as one reason. It can also run out of resources if you leak mappings
Prior to calling to above mentioned call, I do map two 16 bytes chunks for reading and current chunk where I get error is 128bytes long.

All systems need not react to such issues the same way.
What do you recommend how do I approach to this issue.
Ask your firmware vendor, or build your stuff upon open source software
that you can analyze yourself.


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