Re: 'PciIO->Map' is returning "EFI_OUT_OF_RESOURCES" on Intel CRB device

Laszlo Ersek

On 01/14/21 16:45, UdayS via wrote:
Hello Experts,
Need your help to understand why is PciIO->Map is returning "EFI_OUT_OF_RESOURCES" in my Intel CRB DQ57TM (v2.31) but same driver works in other SuperMicro system ( v2.31 and v2.4).
I understand it is specific to the IO mem allocated to the device, but I don't know how to find the memory map of the system and find the difference and the root cause of it.

Below is the code where I get error:
Status = PciIo->Map ( PciIo, // This
EfiPciIoOperationBusMasterRead, // Operation
(VOID *)RxBuffer, // HostAddress
(UINTN *)&RxSize, // NumberOfBytes
&DeviceAddress, // DeviceAddress
&RxBufferDMAMapping // Mapping
if (EFI_ERROR (Status)) {
AsciiPrint("\n PciIO->Map (RxBuffer[%d]): Status[%d]", RxSize, Status);
return CSIO_NOMEM;

And "RxBuffer", I have allocated using AllocateBuffer.
(1) For BusMasterRead, you should not use AllocateBuffer. AllocateBuffer
is only needed for CommonBuffer operations. For BusMasterRead and
BusMasterWrite, Map will handle bounce buffers internally.

(2) PciIo->Map can run out of resources dependent on the IOMMU I guess,
as one reason. It can also run out of resources if you leak mappings
somewhere. All systems need not react to such issues the same way.


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