Re: iPXE isnt able to get link status from my oprom driver, but PXE works.

Michael Brown <mcb30@...>

On 14/12/2020 19:00, Laszlo Ersek wrote:
On 12/14/20 18:44, udai sharma wrote:
Hello Community,
My OptionRom driver works with PXE but it fails to get/report link
status in iPXE.
I had setup iPXE.efi in dhcp.conf to load it from DHCP-PXE server.
I see it gets loaded properly.
But when iPXE ifconfig tries to look for link status, it always
fails to get the link status.
I need to understand is there something with my oprom driver or the
driver in iPXE.efi has to be looked into.
Thanks in advance.
no clue, but I'm adding Michael.
Thanks for the heads-up!

Udai: which driver is iPXE using? You can find out via the "ifstat" command in the iPXE shell.



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