EDK2 and building it on windows

gomi odabaşıoğlu <gomidas95@...>


I work on a UEFI project with Visual Studio 2019. When I first learnt that I can directly control computer with UEFI I was really excited. I got a sample project called GNU-EFI from osdev.org and started writing some code. I started handling keys and mouse events and drawing graphics using Graphics Output Protocol. However, GNU-EFI does not have a standard C library. I searched about it and found that EDK2 also provides a libc. I think I need C library as some hardware's like nvidia-cuda-gpus supports C language. I am not sure if this idea is correct. On github page I tried to understand how to build EDK2. I followed steps but documentation was for vs2015 and in the end I got not found error for build command. That was the step for building vs2015. I was using vs2019 so I tried to modify related value to vs2019 in related file and run command again still I got same error. I was not sure if I did all steps correcty. I was not even sure how to config vs2019 project for this properly. In the end I deleted everything including added system variables. This is the first time I tried something like this. I could not find any video documentation that shows all steps and building it for visual studio 2019. I am really enthusiastic to learn this, a detailed video documentation would be really helpful for starters.

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