Re: SPCR / SSDT generation in the DynamicTablesPkg

Jeff Brasen

To add a little more detail on what we were seeing our 16550 based serial has 4 byte spacing which the SPCR table is generated with correctly but then the dynamic table code creates a SSDT with the standard pnp hid/cid in the ssdt table which at least from my reading of the Linux driver looks like that only uses 1 byte spacing between registers. It is possible I missed something though.


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Subject: RE: [edk2-discuss] SPCR / SSDT generation in the DynamicTablesPkg

Hi Sami, Pierre, Alexei,
I wonder your thought about this topic.
Thank you,

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Subject: [edk2-discuss] SPCR / SSDT generation in the DynamicTablesPkg

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The latest patches to the DynamicTablesPkg help an SSDT generated to meet the SBBR requirement when an SPCR generation is desired.
But the auto-generated SSDT might be unable to describe the compatible but custom 16550 device on the non-SBBR compliant platform.
I wonder if an SSDT generation would be manageable when a user doesn't want to.

Thank you,

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