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Laszlo Ersek

On 10/07/20 17:53, Jeff Brasen wrote:

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On 10/06/20 23:52, Jeff Brasen wrote:
We have a use case where we would want to expose PciIO protocols for a
device that doesn't match any of the guids that it supports.

What do you mean by "guids"? Did you mean "vendor id / device id"
[JMB] Sorry, should have been clearer

I was referring to the variable STATIC
SupportedNonDiscoverableDevices[] = {

That both guards the supported function in the binding protocol as well as the selection of the right values in InitializePciIoProtocol.
The vendor/device ids are one of the things we will need to set based on any extension to this.
Thanks for the explanation, I got it now.

Could you simply contribute the code to edk2 that you need in

If you add a new GUID and new branches in the driver that depend on that
GUID, that won't bother other consumers of the driver.

You mention "edk2-platforms area" below, so I assume you don't mind
open-sourcing the logic itself. My suggestion would be to simply extend
NonDiscoverablePciDeviceDxe right where it lives, in edk2.


Before we go and implement support for this wanted to get a feeling from
the community on what to do.

1. Fork NonDiscoverablePciDeviceDxe to our edk2-platforms area for
support for this (Doesn't seem ideal)
2. Add support for extending this
* Add a protocol that this driver consumes for overrides
* Add a library initializer that registers overrides in both the supported
function and the configuration space setup code

Any thoughts?


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