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wanghuiqiang <wanghuiqiang@...>

Hi Leif,

Just want to make sure you received my previous mail, do you have any comments for the edk2-platform formal release? Waiting for you reply.


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发送时间: 2020年9月2日 13:54
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Hi Leif,

Do you think that we have formal release version for edk2-platform? just like Linux and other open source software.


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发送时间: 2020年6月30日 20:50
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在 2020/6/30 19:56, Leif Lindholm 写道:
Hi Ming, (+Mike, -Martin)

(Apologies, I had last week off work.)

On Tue, Jun 23, 2020 at 14:02:59 +0000, Huangming (Mark) wrote:
Right now we are using edk2-platforms open source code as a part to
build our ARM platform UEFI implementations.
Due to our production development work flow, we need to upload a
formal edk2-platforms open source release tar ball to our company
database as a reference.

As edk2-platforms doesn't have release, it is hard for us to explain
to company audit office where the code comes from and why this open
source doesn't have release.
So - first of all, you can always reference a commit hash for your
upload. That will never change.

So is it possible to release edk2-platforms just like edk2 release
every three months?
We have discussed doing that. Realistically, I don't think we're going
to hit that for 2020.08, but having public requests for it like this
will certainly help push it higher up on the todo list.
As almost all of open source projects have release version, if possible we wish edk2-platforms can have released version for 2020.11.


Best Regards,



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