Re: System hangs with 'Type 2: Sev:80; Class:3 SubClass:D; Op:6' error at boot-up

Andrew Fish <afish@...>

On Aug 28, 2020, at 9:02 AM, Laszlo Ersek <lersek@...> wrote:

On 08/28/20 12:04, udai sharma wrote:
Hi Team,

I am seeing this error on my serial console coming from Oprom boot driver. 

I am unable to find/debug from where it is getting originated and what could be root cause for it.

ERROR: Type:2; Severity:80; Class:3; Subclass:D; Operation: 6

From Google, I could decode it as:

TYPE: 2 = Error Code

SEVERITY: For Error Code:

0x80 = Major

CLASS: 0x03 = Software

SUBCLASS: For Software:

0x0D = X86 Exception

Here, I am not sure what Operation:6 corresponds to.

That sounds like an x86 exception vector number. 6 is an Invalid Opcode, and in EFI that usually means the code ran off into the weeds and started executing garbage. So stack corruption, or bad pointers. 


Andrew Fish

One more thing I have noticed is that same Oprom image when loaded from shell using "loadpcirom" works 

fine but if I update it into the flash memory of the adapter and BIOS reads it during boot-up, it hangs 

with above mentioned ERROR code.

Contact your card / adapter vendor, is the best guess I have...


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