Sandeep Dhanvada


I am trying to test capsule based FMP device upgrade in OVMF. I have a PCI NIC Adapter with PCI Passthrough enabled and need to upgrade firmware for this NIC in ovmf. I generated capsule file with embedded driver as FMP driver and payload as option ROM image.

I tried CapsuleApp.efi from OVMF Shell and also fwupdate tool from Linux.

Below is the observation with CapsuleApp.efi:
1. "CapsuleApp.efi -E" command from ovmf shell, but, it is not displaying any entries.
2. "CapsuleApp.efi -D <CapsuleFile>" is showing Capsule Header, Fmp Header and Fmp Payload Image Header properly.

Below is the observation with fwupdate tool in Linux:
1. CONFIG_EFI_ESRT is enabled in Kernel Config.
2. /sys/firmware/efi sysfs entry is created, but, there is no esrt entry under this.
3. Since there is no esrt sysfs entry, "fwupdate -s" command is showing that firmware updates are not supported.

Please let me know how to add ESRT table in OVMF so that i can upgrade device firmware.


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