Re: Specific name for shell application not loadable through shell - any reason why this may be?

Laszlo Ersek

On 07/08/20 21:48, JackMacWindows wrote:
I asked a question here a few months ago about a problem I was experiencing with an application I was working on. Basically, the program would work just fine under QEMU (and after later testing, the EmulatorPkg as well), but when trying to run it on a real machine, the application would fail to run with EFI_UNSUPPORTED. This failure would happen before the application even ran - adding a print statement at the beginning of the entry point would not show anything.

Recently, I decided to try to fix this issue. After a bunch of debugging, I ended up changing the dsc/inf files so that they were the exact same as another program that worked, except for the name. This still did not work. That led me to the conclusion that for some reason the name I decided to use for the app ("CraftOS") was causing it to fail, which was verified after I changed the name to something else ("CCEFI").
Can you try:

- CraftOS (original mixed case)
- craftos (all lower case)
- CRAFTOS (all caps)

(Inspired by your CCEFI choice being all caps.)


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