Re: [RFC/Discussion]: StandAloneMM in OP-TEE

Mayur Gudmeti

So if its not based on SPCI interface currently, what is the propose plan for interface. I think if we implement SPCI based interface, this UEFI-MM solution can also be leveraged on the platforms which do not have OP_TEE and platforms based on ARMv8.4. Also can we get involved into those discussions u are referring to below.


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Currently it is not based on SPCI interface, but discussions have started in that direction also.

But I think from non-secure world it will be simple OP-TEE communication like it happens between a CA and TA now, but on secure side, OPTEE-STMM communication may be based on SPCI interface.

Sahil Malhotra

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Hi Sahil,

This proposal interests us too. Got a question for you. I assume that
OPTEE-STMM interfaces will be based on SPCI specifications, both in
secure and non-secure side. Is that assumption right?

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