Re: "edk2-discuss" list settings change

Laszlo Ersek

Hello Mayur,

On 06/24/20 17:21, wrote:
On Wed, May 27, 2020 at 02:16 PM, Laszlo Ersek wrote:

Hi laszlo,

I have newly joined this group. I posted a comment on this thread couple of days back. But do not see my comment here. Can you please let me know what is the issue here.
Thanks for the heads-up.

For some reason, I still do not receive moderation notifications from, for the edk2-discuss mailing list. I receive such
notifications for edk2-devel, and I check the pending messages there
every day. But I'm left in the dark about edk2-discuss :(

And now that I'm checking it, I'm seeing your message (I'll approve it
in a moment) -- what's more, I'm seeing 5 more stuck messages, the
oldest one dating back to Jun 17.

That's terrible :(

I'm really sorry. I don't know how we can fix this problem with

I have now sent an email to <>, with subject

not receiving "Message Approval Needed" notifications for edk2-discuss

Hopefully this will improve in the near future.


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