"edk2-discuss" list settings change

Laszlo Ersek


our intent on edk2-discuss seems to have been to *avoid* moderating
messages. The list description used to include the sentence "Basically

However, this has not been working in practice. Multiple messages have
been held recently for approval (from non-members as I gather). Worse, I
don't seem to have received *any* moderation notifications wrt.
edk2-discuss -- and so I assume others have neither?...

Thus, the config that has been in effect seems to have triggered a
corner case in groups.io. Namely, "new members not moderated", in
combination with our general "allow nonmembers to post" setting -- which
holds nonmember messages for moderation rather than rejecting them --,
appears to hold nonmember messages for moderation *without* notifying
moderators in email.

This is of course the worst possible experience for non-member posters
(their messages can be hidden indefinitely from the list!). For this
reason, I've now changed the edk2-discuss settings as follows, in order
to match the edk2-devel settings (where I *do* get mod notifications):

- remove the "Basically unmoderated" sentence from the edk2-discuss list
description --> the resultant (remaining) description is: "General
discussions around TianoCore topics. Post here if you're not sure which
list to use." <https://edk2.groups.io/g/discuss/>

- flip "new members" from "not moderated" to "moderated; unmoderate
after 1 approved message".

Please let me know if something breaks or deteriorates as a result of
the above.


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