Re: WinHost.exe from EmulatorPkg and StdLib applications

Michael D Kinney

Hi Tim,

I happened to be looking at this over the weekend.

I was able to resolve the build issues for XCODE5
for the IA32 version of EmulatorPkg, but not X64.
I did not verify if it boots yet, so maybe you can
help verify that.

A WIP branch with what I got working is here:

It also fixes some VS2017/VS2015 issues with EmulatorPkg.

Best regards,


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Sent: Thursday, July 25, 2019 1:55 AM
Subject: [edk2-discuss] WinHost.exe from EmulatorPkg
and StdLib applications

I am having trouble building StdLib applications inside
of EmulatorPkg.dsc.
When I add !incude StdLib/ I will always see
a warning message about stdio.h.

This comes down to the use of /X in to
prevent C library apps from getting the host
environments include files. But that is what WinHost
needs. And I can't figure out how to "turn off /X" for
just one module.

Any advice here?



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