Re: Load Option passing. Either bugs or my confusion.

Laszlo Ersek

On 04/14/20 02:44, valerij zaporogeci wrote:
excuse me my impatience, but is this thread visible at all? I can't believe noone in here could answer my simple questions about such a core functionality. maybe it's because I was too verbose, let's try terse.
You posted

[edk2-devel] Bugs when starting an UEFI application from the shell. OVMF, UEFI shell.

on April 9th (in my time zone: a few minutes before April 10th), and started this thread (on edk2-discuss) on April 11th.

In many countries, April 10th and 13th are public holidays. And the 11th and 12th between them fall on a weekend. Put more simply, these days qualify as "Easter long weekend" in many countries.

I plan to look at your question later.


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