Re: Load Option passing. Either bugs or my confusion.

valerij zaporogeci

Now looking closer to the supposed to be Attributes and FilePathListLength fileds of the Load Option descriptor, I noticed that it's just first 3 characters of the string. the string that with the Boot Manager case, you create as an "optional data" and with the UEFI shell, it's image file path string (that's why it started with a colon ":", because "fs0" was omitted because of thinking it's a descriptor and thus first 3 16 bit words got omitted (UINT32 + UINT16)).

So, the LoadOptions pointer of the Loaded Image Protocol doesn't point to Load Options. Is it normal?

And then the question arises, - if this is "normal", then how does the loader obtain its real Load Option? Yeah, the device from which it has been loaded is reported by another field, the file path part to the loader itself as well, but how about FilePathList[1] element, - "an OSV specific" and needed. for pointing to the OS boot volume e.g.?

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