Re: HTTP boot failed on timeout

Laszlo Ersek

On 02/24/20 11:01, wrote:
Hi Laszlo,

At first I thought some of the problems I'm facing were related to virtio-net-pci network type. So I've switched to e1000.
Eventually I've found the issues are not related to virtio-net-pci and reverted back to this configuration which works well.
So bottom line, no need for taking E3522X2.EFI driver nor using e1000 (at least in my case).
OK, thank you for explaining!

Note for completeness: -global virtio-net-pci.romfile="" is required for the VM to operate.

It was pleasant discussing with you on this thread, by no means I take it for granted your questions, answers and guidance which helped a-lot. Really appreciated.
Thank you -- I didn't try to imply I was "displeased" or whatever; I was
just genuinely curious why you liked e1000 more than virtio-net-pci. :)


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