Re: Some questions about UEFI

Leif Lindholm

Hi Elena, (+cc Pete)

On Thu, Jul 18, 2019 at 11:54:38AM +0000, Elena WILLIS wrote:
I am using EDK2 on a Raspberry PI 3B model.
Installation went fine and I can access the UEFI Shell interface, where the commands work.

But I'm now stuck and have a few questions :

- Do you have a simple .efi script that I could use to test
- my setup ?
.efi indicated an application (or driver), as opposed to a script.
My go-to test case is a standalone GRUB executable.
Generated with grub-mkstandalone -O arm64-efi -o grubstand.efi

- Once I am on the UEFI interface, I can't seem to boot
- back onto my OS (Raspbian). Could you please explain how
- to do this?
Does 'exit' bring you back to a "BIOS" menu system where you can
select boot options?

Best Regards,


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