[IMPORTANT] February Release Reviews and Merges

Demeter, Miki

Important Information About the February Release

The Stewards are aware there has been an issue with getting patches reviewed and/or merged in a timely manner. The stewards are considering a delay to the February release to allow for these issues to be addressed.

Please take the time to validate that your submissions to the email list fall into one of the two categories please contact me directly immediately and CC the mailing list

[1] You have patches submitted to the mailing list requesting review with no response

[2] You have patches submitted to the mailing list that have been reviewed but not merged for the February release

Thank you

Miki Demeter (she/her/Miki)
Security Researcher / FW Developer
Intel Corporation

Co-Chair, Network of Intel African-Ancestry(NIA) - Oregon

Portland Women in Tech Best Speaker
503.712.8030 (office)
971.248.0123 (cell)

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