Linux booting issue with edk2 uefi on riscv64 qemu

Palanivel Duraisamy


I am trying to boot Linux Kernel with statically linked initramfs on QEMU-riscv64 target.
I followed the steps provided in the link "".
Built firmware for u540 board using the command "build -a RISCV64 -p Platform/SiFive/U5SeriesPkg/FreedomU540HiFiveUnleashedBoard/U540.dsc -t GCC5".
Ran the command "qemu-system-riscv64 -cpu sifive-u54 -machine sifive_u -bios U540.fd" to boot Linux.
I am getting uefi shell prompt. The uefi map commands gives "map: No mapping found." error.

I would like to know the procedure to bring up Linux with UEFI firmware.


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