[PATCH 3/3] RedfishPkg: The functions for Redfish requests do not fully complied with specification 3 messages By Igor Kulchytskyy ·
[PATCH v1 1/1] OvmfPkg/VirtioNetDxe: Check ChildHandle argument in GetControllerName By Dimitrije Pavlov ·
[PATCH v4 6/6] DynamicTablesPkg: AcpiSsdtPcieLibArm: Added case handling for PCI config 5 messages By Kun Qin ·
[PATCH v4 5/6] DynamicTablesPkg: AcpiSsdtPcieLibArm: Added function to reserve ECAM space 2 messages By Kun Qin ·
CcProbeLib not working for runtime calls By Gerd Hoffmann ·
[PATCH 2/2] Platform/Sgi: Add serial debug controller to SSDT 10 messages By Rohit Mathew ·
[PATCH v2] DynamicTablesPkg: Add support to build _DSD 2 messages By Jeff Brasen ·
[PATCH 1/2] OvmfPkg: Introduce NULL class library to inhibit driver load 6 messages By Ard Biesheuvel ·
回复: [edk2-devel] [PATCH] MdePkg:Improved Smbios Type9 table and Smbios 3.5.0 spec changes 6 messages By gaoliming ·
[PATCH EDK2 v2 1/1] MdeModulePkg/PiSmmCore:Avoid overflow risk 3 messages By wenyi,xie ·
回复: [edk2-devel] 回复: [PATCH EDK2 v1 1/1] MdeModulePkg/BaseBmpSupportLib: Fix ColorMap issue By gaoliming ·
[PATCH] DynamicTablesPkg: Correct cluster index 2 messages By Jeff Brasen ·
[PATCH] IntelSiliconPkg/VTd: Add DMAR SIDP Table dumpping By Sheng Wei ·
回复: [edk2-devel] 回复: [edk2-devel] [PATCH] MdePkg:Improved Smbios Type9 table and Smbios 3.5.0 spec changes By gaoliming ·
[PATCH 2/3] RedfishPkg: Redfish modules may need to use the functions which are private 2 messages By Igor Kulchytskyy ·
Event: TianoCore Bug Triage - APAC / NAMO - 08/16/2022 2 messages #cal-reminder By Group Notification ·
[PATCH 1/2] Mde Pkg: Support for MPAM ACPI Table By Name ·
[PATCH 2/2] Dynamic Tbl Mgr: MPAM: MPAM Generator and supporting files By Name ·
[edk2-platforms][PATCH V1 0/3] Update PlatformPayloadPkg to match feature conventions 2 messages By Oram, Isaac W ·
[edk2-platforms][PATCH V1 3/3] PlatformPayloadFeaturePkg: Update contents to match feature conventions 3 messages By Oram, Isaac W ·
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