回复: [PATCH] MdePkg/BasePrintLib: Add %z specifier By gaoliming ·
回复: [edk2-devel] How to get FrontPage to fill screen By gaoliming ·
回复: [PATCH] MdeModulePkg/Variable: SCT run AuthVar_conf is failed By gaoliming ·
[PATCH] MdePkg/BasePrintLib: Add %z specifier By Pedro Falcato ·
[PATCH v1 1/1] UefiCpuPkg: Coding style bug fix 3 messages By Paweł Poławski ·
Now: Tools, CI, Code base construction meeting series - 07/04/2022 #cal-notice By Group Notification ·
[edk2-platforms][PATCH 0/2] Platform/Sgi: Update serial port usage 2 messages By Rohit Mathew ·
[PATCH] UefiPayloadPkg: Hook up PCIE_BASE build option 2 messages By Sean Rhodes ·
[PATCH 1/3] UefiPayloadPkg: Allow full screen setup mode By Sean Rhodes ·
[PATCH 3/3] UefiPayloadPkg/PlatformBootManagerLib: Correct spacing in boot prompt By Sean Rhodes ·
[PATCH 2/3] UefiPayloadPkg/PlatformBootManagerLib: Evenly space boot prompt By Sean Rhodes ·
How to get FrontPage to fill screen 3 messages By Sean Rhodes ·
[PATCH 7/7] ArmVirtPkg/ArmVirtQemu: enable initial ID map at early boot By Ard Biesheuvel ·
[PATCH 6/7] ArmVirtPkg/ArmVirtQemu: use first 128 MiB as permanent PEI memory By Ard Biesheuvel ·
[PATCH 5/7] ArmVirtPkg/ArmVirtQemu: implement ArmPlatformLib with static ID map By Ard Biesheuvel ·
[PATCH 3/7] ArmPkg/ArmMmuLib: permit initial configuration with MMU enabled By Ard Biesheuvel ·
[PATCH 4/7] ArmPlatformPkg/PrePeiCore: permit entry with the MMU enabled By Ard Biesheuvel ·
[PATCH 2/7] ArmPkg/ArmMmuLib: use shadow page tables for break-before-make at EL1 By Ard Biesheuvel ·
[PATCH 0/7] ArmVirtPkg/ArmVirtQemu: avoid stores with MMU off By Ard Biesheuvel ·
[PATCH 1/7] ArmPkg/ArmMmuLib: don't replace table entries with block entries By Ard Biesheuvel ·
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