[PATCH v1 0/3] IntelSiliconPkg: Remove v1 PCH SPI PPI and Protocol 4 messages By Michael Kubacki ·
[PATCH v1] Maintainers.txt: Change SimicsOpenBoardPkg Maintainer 4 messages By Nate DeSimone ·
[edk2-platforms] [PATCH v1] UserAuthFeaturePkg: VerifyPassword() allows one extra password attempt By Nate DeSimone ·
[PATCH v3 3/8] SecurityPkg: Store physical presence code by submitting to PreOS func By Stefan Berger ·
[PATCH v3 2/8] OvmfPkg: Check for TPM 2 early to leave function early By Stefan Berger ·
[PATCH v3 4/8] SecurityPkg: Declare PhysicalPresenceFlags variable and its properties By Stefan Berger ·
[PATCH v3 7/8] OvmfPkg: Enable TPM 1.2 Physical Presence Opcode processing By Stefan Berger ·
[PATCH v3 8/8] OvmfPkg: add TPM 1.2 config menu By Stefan Berger ·
[PATCH v3 6/8] OvmfPkg: Enable physical presence interface for TPM 1.2 By Stefan Berger ·
[PATCH v3 5/8] OvmfPkg: Copy TPM 1.2 DxeTcgPhysicalPresenceLib.c from SecurityPkg By Stefan Berger ·
[PATCH v3 0/8] Add support for TPM 1.2 Physical Presence Interface and Menu By Stefan Berger ·
[PATCH v3 1/8] OvmfPkg: Move processing of physical presence opcode before End-of-Dxe By Stefan Berger ·
Uncrustify Conversion Detailed Plan and Extended Hard Freeze Update #4 12 messages By Michael D Kinney ·
EDK2 doxygen documentation - adding docs for stable tags? 5 messages By Rebecca Cran ·
[PATCH 1/1] OvmfPkg/MemEncryptSevLib: Check the guest type before EsWorkarea access By Brijesh Singh ·
[Patch 02/12] ArmPlatformPkg: Update YAML to ignore specific ECC files/errors 4 messages By Michael D Kinney ·
[PATCH 5/5] OvmfPkg: Install ACPI tables for Cloud Hypervisor By sebastien.boeuf@... ·
[PATCH 4/5] OvmfPkg: Generalize AcpiPlatformDxe By sebastien.boeuf@... ·
[PATCH 3/5] OvmfPkg: Retrieve SMBIOS from Cloud Hypervisor By sebastien.boeuf@... ·
[PATCH 2/5] OvmfPkg: Create global entry point for SMBIOS parsing By sebastien.boeuf@... ·
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