[PATCH 2/2] OvmfPkg/VirtioMmioDeviceLib: Add virtio 1.0 support. By Gerd Hoffmann ·
[PATCH 1/2] OvmfPkg/Virtio10: Add virtio-mmio 1.0 defines By Gerd Hoffmann ·
[PATCHV2] CryptoPkg/BaseCryptLib: Enabled CryptSha512 for Smm/Runtime drivers By Yao, Jiewen ·
[PATCH v1 1/1] MdeModulePkg/BdsDxe: Update BdsEntry to use Variable Policy 2 messages By kenlautner3@... ·
Event: TianoCore Bug Triage - APAC / NAMO - 06/08/2021 2 messages #cal-reminder By Calendar ·
[PATCH RFC v3 05/22] OvmfPkg: reserve Secrets page in MEMFD 10 messages By Brijesh Singh ·
[PATCH RFC v3 03/22] OvmfPkg/MemEncryptSevLib: extend the workarea to include SNP enabled field 7 messages By Brijesh Singh ·
[PATCH 0/6] NetworkPkg/IScsiDxe: support SHA256 in CHAP By Laszlo Ersek ·
[PATCH edk2-test 1/1] uefi-sct/SctPkg: IHV: type mismatch in Simple Network test 4 messages By Heinrich Schuchardt ·
[PUBLIC edk2 PATCH v2 10/10] NetworkPkg/IScsiDxe: check IScsiHexToBin() return values By Laszlo Ersek ·
[PUBLIC edk2 PATCH v2 09/10] NetworkPkg/IScsiDxe: fix IScsiHexToBin() buffer overflow By Laszlo Ersek ·
[PUBLIC edk2 PATCH v2 08/10] NetworkPkg/IScsiDxe: fix IScsiHexToBin() hex parsing By Laszlo Ersek ·
[PUBLIC edk2 PATCH v2 06/10] NetworkPkg/IScsiDxe: assert that IScsiBinToHex() always succeeds By Laszlo Ersek ·
[PUBLIC edk2 PATCH v2 07/10] NetworkPkg/IScsiDxe: reformat IScsiHexToBin() leading comment block By Laszlo Ersek ·
[PUBLIC edk2 PATCH v2 04/10] NetworkPkg/IScsiDxe: clean up library class dependencies By Laszlo Ersek ·
[PUBLIC edk2 PATCH v2 05/10] NetworkPkg/IScsiDxe: fix potential integer overflow in IScsiBinToHex() By Laszlo Ersek ·
[PUBLIC edk2 PATCH v2 03/10] NetworkPkg/IScsiDxe: clean up "ISCSI_CHAP_AUTH_DATA.OutChallengeLength" By Laszlo Ersek ·
[PUBLIC edk2 PATCH v2 02/10] NetworkPkg/IScsiDxe: simplify "ISCSI_CHAP_AUTH_DATA.InChallenge" size By Laszlo Ersek ·
[edk2-platforms][PATCH v2 19/32] AmpereAltraPkg: Add Random Number Generator Support 2 messages By Nhi Pham ·
[PATCH V0 0/4] Enable Dynamic ACPI for LS1046AFRWY 2 messages By Vikas Singh ·
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