[PATCH v4 12/20] OvmfPkg/Microvm: PlatformPei/MemDetect tweaks By Gerd Hoffmann ·
[PATCH v4 11/20] OvmfPkg/Microvm: add header file By Gerd Hoffmann ·
[PATCH v4 10/20] OvmfPkg/Microvm: use XenTimerDxe (lapic timer) By Gerd Hoffmann ·
[PATCH v4 09/20] OvmfPkg/Microvm: use MdePkg/Library/SecPeiDxeTimerLibCpu By Gerd Hoffmann ·
[PATCH v4 08/20] OvmfPkg/Microvm: no emulated scsi By Gerd Hoffmann ·
[PATCH v4 05/20] OvmfPkg/Microvm: no tpm By Gerd Hoffmann ·
[PATCH v4 07/20] OvmfPkg/Microvm: no csm By Gerd Hoffmann ·
[PATCH v4 06/20] OvmfPkg/Microvm: no sev By Gerd Hoffmann ·
[PATCH v4 04/20] OvmfPkg/Microvm: no secure boot By Gerd Hoffmann ·
[PATCH v4 03/20] OvmfPkg/Microvm: no smm By Gerd Hoffmann ·
[PATCH v4 01/20] OvmfPkg/Microvm: copy OvmfPkgX64 files as-is By Gerd Hoffmann ·
[PATCH v4 02/20] OvmfPkg/Microvm: rename output files, fix includes By Gerd Hoffmann ·
[PATCH v3 04/28] AmperePlatformPkg: Add FailSafe and WDT support 2 messages By Nhi Pham ·
[PATCH v7 17/31] OvmfPkg/SecMain: pre-validate the memory used for decompressing Fv 3 messages By Brijesh Singh ·
[PATCH v7 11/31] OvmfPkg/PlatformPei: register GHCB gpa for the SEV-SNP guest 3 messages By Brijesh Singh ·
[PATCH v7 09/31] OvmfPkg/SecMain: register GHCB gpa for the SEV-SNP guest 5 messages By Brijesh Singh ·
[PATCH v7 06/31] OvmfPkg/ResetVector: pre-validate the data pages used in SEC phase 3 messages By Brijesh Singh ·
[PATCH v7 05/31] OvmfPkg: reserve CPUID page 3 messages By Brijesh Singh ·
[PATCH v6] UefiCpuPkg: VTF0 Linear-Address Translation to a 1-GByte Page till 512GB 3 messages By Ashraf Ali S ·
[PATCH v7 25/31] UefiCpuPkg/MpLib: add support to register GHCB GPA when SEV-SNP is enabled 6 messages By Brijesh Singh ·
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