[edk2-platforms][PATCH v5 00/46] Consolidate SpiFlashCommonLib instances By Nate DeSimone ·
[PATCH v6] UefiPayloadPkg: Remove SystemTableInfo GUID. 2 messages By thiyagukb ·
[PATCH 1/4] OvmfPkg: move tcg configuration to dsc and fdf include files 2 messages By Gerd Hoffmann ·
[PATCH v6 2/3] CryptoPkg/CryptLib: Add QuickSort function on BaseLib 2 messages By IanX Kuo ·
[PATCH V10 4/4] OvmfPkg: Enable TDX in ResetVector 2 messages By Min Xu ·
[PATCH V10 2/4] OvmfPkg: Clear WORK_AREA_GUEST_TYPE in Main.asm 2 messages By Min Xu ·
[PATCH] ShellPkg: Parse I/O APIC and x2APIC structure 4 messages By Abdul Lateef Attar ·
[PATCH v2] FmpDevicePkg/FmpDxe: Use new Variable Lock interface 2 messages By Yang Jie ·
Update NASM to stable release 2.15.05 3 messages By Michael D Kinney ·
回复: [edk2-devel] [PATCH 0/5] FmpDevicePkg: Add support for runtime FmpDxe driver By gaoliming ·
[PATCH V10 3/4] OvmfPkg: Add IntelTdxMetadata.asm By Min Xu ·
[PATCH V10 1/4] OvmfPkg: Copy Main.asm from UefiCpuPkg to OvmfPkg's ResetVector By Min Xu ·
[PATCH 0/5] FmpDevicePkg: Add support for runtime FmpDxe driver By Bob Morgan ·
[PATCH v2 4/7] Platform/ARM/N1Sdp: Enable N1Sdp platform specific configurations 3 messages By Khasim Mohammed ·
[PATCH 6/6] uefi-sct/SctPkg: TCG2 Protocol: add SubmitCommand test By Joseph Hemann ·
[PATCH 5/6] uefi-sct/SctPkg: TCG2 Protocol: add GetEventLog test By Joseph Hemann ·
[PATCH 4/6] uefi-sct/SctPkg: TCG2 Protocol: add HashLogExtendEvent test By Joseph Hemann ·
[PATCH 3/6] uefi-sct/SctPkg: TCG2 Protocol: add GetActivePcrBanks test By Joseph Hemann ·
[PATCH 2/6] uefi-sct/SctPkg: TCG2 Protocol: add GetCapability Test By Joseph Hemann ·
[PATCH 1/6] uefi-sct/SctPkg: TCG2 Protocol: add header with TCG2 protocol definitions By Joseph Hemann ·
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