[PATCH v5 4/7] OvmfPkg: Introduce CocoDxe driver By Dionna Glaze ·
[PATCH v5 3/7] MdeModulePkg: Invoke all ExitBootServicesCallback instances at ExitBootServices By Dionna Glaze ·
[PATCH v5 1/7] OvmfPkg: Realize EfiMemoryAcceptProtocol in AmdSevDxe By Dionna Glaze ·
[PATCH v5 0/7] Add safe unaccepted memory behavior By Dionna Glaze ·
The principles of EDK2 module reconstruction for archs 23 messages By Chang, Abner ·
[edk2-platforms PATCH 0/2] Platform/RaspberryPi: SyncPcie() fixes 3 messages By Adrien Thierry ·
[PATCH v4 1/6] OvmfPkg: Realize EfiMemoryAcceptProtocol in AmdSevDxe 4 messages By Dionna Glaze ·
[PATCH v6 19/19] ArmVirtPkg: Kvmtool: Add RNG support using FW-TRNG interface By PierreGondois ·
[PATCH v6 18/19] SecurityPkg/RngDxe: Add Arm support of RngDxe By PierreGondois ·
[PATCH v6 17/19] SecurityPkg/RngDxe: Rename AArch64/RngDxe.c By PierreGondois ·
[PATCH v6 16/19] SecurityPkg/RngDxe: Add debug warning for NULL PcdCpuRngSupportedAlgorithm By PierreGondois ·
[PATCH v6 15/19] SecurityPkg/RngDxe: Add AArch64 RawAlgorithm support through TrngLib By PierreGondois ·
[PATCH v6 14/19] SecurityPkg/RngDxe: Check before advertising Cpu Rng algo By PierreGondois ·
[PATCH v6 13/19] SecurityPkg/RngDxe: Documentation/include/parameter cleanup By PierreGondois ·
[PATCH v6 12/19] SecurityPkg/RngDxe: Remove ArchGetSupportedRngAlgorithms() By PierreGondois ·
[PATCH v6 11/19] SecurityPkg/RngDxe: Replace Pcd with Sp80090Ctr256Guid By PierreGondois ·
[PATCH v6 10/19] SecurityPkg/RngDxe: Rename RdRandGenerateEntropy to generic name By PierreGondois ·
[PATCH v6 09/19] ArmPkg/TrngLib: Add Arm Firmware TRNG library By PierreGondois ·
[PATCH v6 08/19] ArmPkg: Add FID definitions for Firmware TRNG By PierreGondois ·
[PATCH v6 07/19] MdePkg/TrngLib: Add NULL instance of TRNG Library By PierreGondois ·
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