[PATCH] BaseTools/VolInfo: Update file and section type strings 2 messages By Konstantin Aladyshev ·
[PATCH] BaseTools/VolInfo: Increase GUID base name string 2 messages By Konstantin Aladyshev ·
[PATCH 1/6] BaseTools/VolInfo: Fix EFI_SECTION_GUID_DEFINED parsing 2 messages By Konstantin Aladyshev ·
[PATCH v2] BaseTools: Correct initialization data size check for array PCDs 2 messages By Konstantin Aladyshev ·
[PATCH v2] BaseTools: Add missing spaces for PCD expression values in AutoGenC By Bob Feng ·
[PATCH] BaseTools/VolInfo: Correct buffer for GenCrc32 tool 4 messages By Konstantin Aladyshev ·
[PATCH] BaseTools: Correct BPDG tool error prints 2 messages By Konstantin Aladyshev ·
[PATCH v3 00/34] Add a new architecture called LoongArch in EDK II 2 messages By Chao Li ·
[PATCH v5 7/7] OvmfPkg/PlatformPei: SEV-SNP make >=4GB unaccepted By Dionna Glaze ·
[PATCH v5 6/7] OvmfPkg: Implement AcceptAllUnacceptedMemory in CocoDxe By Dionna Glaze ·
[PATCH v5 5/7] MdePkg: Introduce the AcceptAllUnacceptedMemory protocol By Dionna Glaze ·
[PATCH v5 4/7] OvmfPkg: Introduce CocoDxe driver By Dionna Glaze ·
[PATCH v5 0/7] Add safe unaccepted memory behavior By Dionna Glaze ·
[PATCH v4 1/6] OvmfPkg: Realize EfiMemoryAcceptProtocol in AmdSevDxe 4 messages By Dionna Glaze ·
[PATCH v6 19/19] ArmVirtPkg: Kvmtool: Add RNG support using FW-TRNG interface By PierreGondois ·
[PATCH v6 18/19] SecurityPkg/RngDxe: Add Arm support of RngDxe By PierreGondois ·
[PATCH v6 17/19] SecurityPkg/RngDxe: Rename AArch64/RngDxe.c By PierreGondois ·
[PATCH v6 16/19] SecurityPkg/RngDxe: Add debug warning for NULL PcdCpuRngSupportedAlgorithm By PierreGondois ·
[PATCH v6 15/19] SecurityPkg/RngDxe: Add AArch64 RawAlgorithm support through TrngLib By PierreGondois ·
[PATCH v6 14/19] SecurityPkg/RngDxe: Check before advertising Cpu Rng algo By PierreGondois ·
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